Lip Enhancements delivers smooth & natural looking results

Our Lip Enhancements in London

  • Enhance lip volume & definition
  • reduce smokers lines above the lips
  • non-labial lines
  • reduce fine lines & wrinkles around the face
  • reduction of the appearance of facial scars

During Lip Enhancements treatment at Karia Dental

First, your medical aesthetic practitioner will clean the area to be treated and may apply an anaesthetic cream. Our Lip Enhancements range of products has an added anaesthetic, so there is less need to use a local anaesthetic – but some medical practitioners may choose to apply additional anaesthetic anyway to ensure the most comfortable treatment possible.

The actual treatment takes from 15 to 30 minutes. Your medical aesthetic practitioner will inject tiny quantities of the appropriate Lip Enhancements product using a fine needle below the line or wrinkle they are treating or, during lip enhancement, into the edge of your lip. As the anaesthetic takes effect you are likely to feel numbness and a bit of tingling in the area that has been treated. After the injection, your medical aesthetic practitioner will smooth the product down in your skin by massaging the treated area.

After treatment with our Lip Enhancements range of products

Immediately after treatment, it’s likely you will be a little purchase bactrim online swollen – this is totally normal. While the changes you notice at your first glimpse in the mirror may be bigger than you were expecting, you shouldn’t panic. Once the swelling has gone down, which could take a few days, you will see the final result.

Once your treatment is finished, your medical aesthetic practitioner will give you some valuable advice on what to do (and what not to do) after treatment. Most of this advice will be based on personal experience and may include the following:

  • Don’t apply make-up for 12 hours afterwards
  • Don’t drink anything too hot or too cold (if you have had lip treatment)
  • You may see some swelling, bruising or redness at the injection sites
  • Use a perfume-free moisturiser if you have any dry skin
  • If you have any concerns, contact your practitioner
  • Expect to be invited back for a follow-up appointment after around
    2 weeks to make sure you are happy

So nothing too complicated. You should expect your new look to last for up to 12 months in lines, and somewhat less in the lips. However, everyone is different and this depends on some of your natural biology.

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