Teeth Whitening in little Over an Hour, Topped up with Home Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening at
Karia Dental

“Teeth Whitening in little over an Hour. Topped up with Home Whitening Treatments”.
The dentist will create a set of tailor made clear plastic teeth-moulds. Into these moulds we would syringe-in the special ZOOM active whitening gel. The moulds will then be placed over the teeth. The ZOOM Power lamp is then used to heat the gel and so kick start the bleaching process.

Zoom teeth can i buy bactrim whitening or Zoom! Advanced Power Whitening at Karia Dental is A STATE OF THE ART teeth whitening system.

This procedure uses a special ‘Zoom Advanced Power’ light source to heat and activate the whitening gel that is placed over the teeth.

The light  has the effect of stimulating the gel and helps to increase the rate of the teeth whitening process.

This treatment can take approximately 1 hour and you could have a white smile which is at least 10 shades lighter. (Ask a Dentist to show you his shade guide).

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