gum disease can destroy the supporting jawbone

Periodontal Care (Gum Health)

Teeth are held in the jaw bone and surrounded by gums. If undetected, gum disease can destroy the supporting jawbone.

The factors that cause gum disease include plaque, poorly fitting dental bridges, badly aligned teeth and old fillings. These can all contribute to the development of periodontal disease.  At Karia Dental we can treat gum disease with some revolutionary techniques.

Patient education is an integral part of our treatment plan so that you the patient have the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy smile.

Periodontal treatment may include:

  • Hygiene programmes
  • Non-surgical gum treatment
  • Prevention of gum recession
  • Gum therapy
  • Deep cleaning
  • Dental Crown lengthening
  • PerioChip®

PerioChip® is small chip designed to fit the dimensions of the gum pocket of the mouth. It contains a substance, which is killing bacteria in the gum. After scaling, the PerioChip® is inserted into the gumpocket, the active ingredient takes effect over a period of approximately a week, kills the bacteria, and the chip itself dissolves naturally.

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