Lets Get to the Root of Tooth Pain

(Root Canal Treatment) in London

Endodontics is the area of dentistry dealing with the treatment of teeth roots, dental pulp, and surrounding tissue. Endodontic therapy can save diseased or damaged teeth. The alternative to Endodontics is extraction which really is the last resort.

Our dentists have a special interest in Endodontics at Karia Dental.

We use proTaper and proFile rotary endodontic systems:

ProTaper® Universal NiTi files economically combine speed, quality, simplicity and safety for shaping of root canals with both rotary files and hand files.


  • Shaping files up to size ISO 050 (also available as manual files)
  • Files specially designed for retreatment procedures
  • Solutions dedicated to obturation and perfectly matched to tapers of ProTaper finishing files: paper and gutta-percha points for ProTaper and ProTaper obturators
  • Based upon their exclusive multiple taper design, ProTaper files makes canal shaping easier, safer, faster and more efficient
  • The cutting features and the small number of instruments required make buy generic bactrim ds ProTaper an ideal choice for daily practice

ProFile Benefits:

  • ProFile instruments, which have been around since 1996, offer maximal security due to their non-cutting “Radial Line” profile and U shaped section
  • The multiple taper design of ProFile, featuring tapers from 2 to 8%, enables you to treat successfully the three canal thirds using the crown-down technique
  • The high flexibility of these finishing files allows for soft canal shaping, especially in the apical third

Symptoms that might indicate the need for root canal treatment include:

  • significant tooth or jaw pain, especially when you lie down
  • sensitivity to hot or cold
  • pain upon chewing on that tooth
  • a darkening of the colour of only one tooth
  • teeth which are tender to percussion.

Radiographs may also show dark areas around the apices or ends of the root which may indicate that the nerves may have died and that root canal therapy may be indicated.

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