a very relaxing and happier dental experience

Conscious Intravenous Sedation

IV Sedation may be required for certain Procedures such as Dental Implants or Wisdom Tooth Removal. It is also used to give you a very relaxing and happier dental experience. For those who are feeling anxious.

How will I Feel?

IV sedation induces a sleepy state of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being perturbed by what’s going on. It is a completely safe treatment

leaving you still in communication with the dentist at all times. You may not remember https://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ much about your treatment at all. 

You will need to come with an escort who will be responsible for taking you back home and certain restrictions will apply after your sedation appointment as you will still feel drowsy for several hours afterwards.

We can also give IV Sedation for patients who are extremely anxious of dental treatments or for those patients who have a phobia of needles.

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